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Accomodation in Bijapur

Where to stay

  • Hotel Mayura Adhil Shahi. Ph:08325-20934.
  • Hotel Mayura Adhil Shahi Annexe. Ph:08325-20401.
  • Hotel Sanman, Station Road. Ph:08325-21866.
  • Hotel Samrat, Station Road. Ph:08325-21620.
  • Hotel Madhuvan International,Station Road. Ph:08325-234254

Up Map of Bijapur Reaching Bijapur Accomodation in Bijapur Shopping in Bijapur Climate of Bijapur Special Food of Bijapur Spot - Gol Gumbaz Spot - Jumma Masjid Spot - Malik-e-Maiden Spot - The Ibrahim Roza, Bijapur Spot - Aihole, Bijapur Spot - Pattadakal, Bijapur Spot - Badami, Bijapur Spot - Basavana Bagewadi, Bijapur Spot - Kudalasangama, Bijapur


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