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Few important reminders

If you did not read the TOS carefully (as is the common case), here is some important points you should know before you register your account.

How you earn your banner Credits?

You will earn 1 banner credit when you show 2 banners on your site. For every click from your site, an additional 25 banner views are credited to your account. 

Placement of Banners

The banner code should be placed at first screenfold (within 450 pixels on top).  It should be visible to the visitor without scrolling.  We do strictly implement this rule!!! If you can not follow this rule, please do not register as your account will be deleted anyhow. 

This helps you as more clicks are generated from your site and more credits to your account. 1 click on your site is equivalent to showing 37.5 banners at your site. So make people click on the banners and you earn quick credits...!

You should have a banner of dimensions 728 pixels wide and 90 pixels high ready now at your computer. Is your banner ready?

Once you created your account, you should click the Edit Account button to get the page where you will have an upload button at the bottom to upload your banners.  Please note that first you have to create your Account and then you can click the Edit Account Button to get the upload page.  If your banner is not ready, do not register as all registrations without the banner uploaded is deleted immediately.

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