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MKBN: A partner in your growth!

My-Kannada Banner Exchange Network gives every regular and active member a 3:2*  exposure. For e.g., if you show 3 banners on your site, your banner will be shown 2 times in the member sites. 

*Conditions for a 3:2 Ratio Banner Exchange

  • The 3:2 ratio is applicable only for sites that show the My-Kannada Exchange banners at prime locations in their site. (first screen fold i.e., within first 480 pixels at the top )

  • The code should not be altered. The banner adnetwork logo should not be removed.

  • The site should have decent traffic and your banner should be attractive 

In addition to free targeted promotion, and 3:2 ratio, My-Kannada Banner Exchange also provides you with free benefits including On-line Statistics, assistance in preparing your banner and quick E-mail Support.

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